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Photo 101

This fall, I’ve been teaching an introductory photography class at Dominion Academy. It started as a bit of a challenge, trying to figure out what (and how!) I would be able to teach given the time and resources that we have, but it has been so fun to watch my students get excited about photography and learn to start looking at the world in a little bit different way.

There isn’t a darkroom at the school. Thankfully Rosewood Art Center in Kettering has been incredibly helpful and will be letting us use their darkroom starting next Tuesday. Now, I feel so grateful for the opportunity to teach my students whatever I might be able, but I am far from any kind of “photography expert,” especially when it comes to film and the darkroom. I went a couple times myself last week and have been reading up to refresh myself on these things I hadn’t done since high school (eep, I can’t believe it had been that long!)

Anyway, I am so excited to get the chance to be the one to talk these students through developing their first rolls of film and their first prints. I’ve told them, but you can’t believe it until you do it: watching a picture YOU took come up right in front of you is seriously the most awesome feeling.

And, in the interest of fairness :) I thought I would share just a couple pictures from MY Intro to Photography class (which I promise look better in person! Due to our scanner not working since we moved, these had to be lovingly scanned at our neighborhood Walgreens). These are from my final project, on “Music” at were both taken at Hauer Music in Dayton:

DrumsPin It

ViolinsPin It

Happy weekend!

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