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Our Wedding!

Our photographer just posted a preview of our wedding photos on his blog, so I thought it might be fun to share just a couple things from our wedding day (and once we get the rest of the photos I’ll share a few more, with some more details of the day!)

Our wedding was not what I had hoped it would be–it was so, so much more than I could have imagined. The whole weekend I felt completely overwhelmed by the love and support of our friends and family, who all came together to put together our gorgeous wedding with their own hands. I got a rash or two of the wedding crazy as things went along, trying to execute all the ideas I had to decorate our beautiful reception site. But, at the end of a year of planning and crafting craziness, I didn’t have a “do-it-yourself” wedding, but the most fantastic “do-it-together” wedding, and we can never express fully how grateful we are to everyone that put a piece of themselves into the day.

(our wedding photography was by the absolutely amazing jon morton. i’ll write more about him, and figuring out our wedding photography, at a later date, but all you need to know is that he rocks the casbah. [even though he didn’t know the song! :)] you can see the rest of our wedding preview here.)

    I am absolutely IN LOVE with our “official” wedding pictures, but I’m pretty sure these are destined to also be some of my favorite memories of the day. They were taken on my Fuji Instax Mini, by the lovely Erin (who I tasked with taking pictures about 10 minutes before the reception). She also took one of these of us with each of our guests, which will make up our guest book.

Scan5_0005Pin It

(the top two, from the left, and the middle, are of our first dance, and the bottom left is our father-daughter dance. the bottom right is the best picture of my sister and her husband EVER, and the top right is from one of my favorite moments: as we went to cut our pie [to one of my favorite songs], some guests had already started getting dessert, so all the cutters had been used! so zack, always prepared, whipped out his pocket knife for us to cut it with. so perfect.)

    It was such a blissful day, and we made so many amazing memories. We feel totally blessed :)

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  • Kassaundra

    it was def awesmone love the FuJi :)!!!

  • Pendra

    awessome… it was a great day, Bri.

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