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It’s Beginning to Look at Lot Like…

    Zack and I had just finished checking out at my favorite thrift store–we were looking for ugly Christmas sweaters, without much luck–and rounded the corner to leave when I saw a look of horror come across his face. My eyes darted to where he was staring, and I saw what he was so afraid I would see–two bins full of the most amazing vintage wrapping paper. And Zack's fears were justified–after such a discovery, there was no way at least a few couldn't come home with us.


(Even if Zack thinks I'm a teeny bit ridiculous, I feel I should be commended for only purchasing four–and, at practically the cost of one regular, new roll of wrapping paper, and for so much more per roll, its actually an investment? Right?)

    This after I had already found the mother-load of vintage glass ornaments at the same thrift store, for a dollar or two a box. Its been the perfect solution for our Christmas decoration dilemma (i.e. we needed some, on a newlywed budget). At that same visit I also bought a whole mess of vintage Christmas cards (at 4/$1!) that I hope to actually put in the mail in time for Christmas. 

    Some of my excitement comes from getting a great deal, but mostly I just love Christmas silly. The tree, snow, giving gifts–and now I've got no excuse not to get to the wrapping and writing and Christmasing part!

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  • Chrissie Wilson

    I think I love the red one the best. Also, you were fully justified in buying that paper. After all it’s your first Christmas as a married couple. Maybe you could create a family tradition every year and go to the thrift store for Christmas. Reduce, reuse, recycle and all that right?

  • Pendra

    Pretty paper. I raised you well! Saving $ is always a good thing and there are always amazing treasures to be found!

  • You can also purchase gift wrap after christmas for super cheap, along with any other decorations you wanted.
    As for Christmas cards, I know of some great deals on photo cards!

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