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Old Stuff

One of my absolute favorite things to do is look for old stuff. Sometimes I find old stuff in thrift stores, sometimes antique shops, sometimes garage sales and sometimes online. I enjoy the search, seeing what might be out there that I never even knew existed, and that I might be able to put to use. I usually don’t buy things because I think they are valuable. I just pick up little things that I find interesting, that make me happy for whatever reason.  Then, there is the added bonus of knowing that, by using something that is already out there, I’m not adding to manufacturing/packaging/shipping waste (even if that impact might be minimal). 

So, I thought it might be fun to occasionally share some of the fun things I find. Like these guys:


A dozen teeny, wooden Japanese birthday candle holders. How cute are they? I can’t believe the whole set is intact, little candles and all.  Now all I need is an excuse to have a birthday party!

Have a happy weekend!

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