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Cows & Country Livin’

As much as we both love living in the city, the Mister and I both have country sides to us. We like to talk about someday having a few acres out in the country, living off the land and raising some animals.  Well–he does, at least. I love the IDEA of those things (and of having an excuse to listen to bluegrass music!) but, dirt and manure? Not so much :) Though I did become a little more convinced this weekend when, during a trip to visit his family, we stopped at a farm that raises these guys:

Scottish highlanderPin It

Isn’t she just so stinkin’ cute? They are Scottish Highland cattle. After seeing one at the Ohio State Fair a couple years back, the Hubs has been doing research about them, with the hopes of having a few one day. Jim Pugh, of Misty Morn Farm, was so kind in taking us all around his farm and introducing us to his herd, and telling us all about the advantages of these kind of cattle (their meat is leaner than chicken—and the only beef the Queen of England will eat!).

First, we saw the babies, who were just about a year old:

Yearling highland cattlePin It

Then he took us out to the field…

Highland cattle farmPin It

…where the bull and the lady cows keep busy making new babies. They are SO huge–about 2000 lbs–but they are just like puppies! They would walk right up and nuzzle us, and they loved to have their back scratched.


Misty Morn Farm highland cattlePin It

Scottish Highland Cattle at Misty Morn FarmsPin It

Scottish Highland cowPin It

I’m not sure that we’ll have land, or cows, anytime soon, but I’m always grateful for the chance to experience something new!

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