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Our Newest Addition

Meet Dixie!

cute baby ferret

She was our 6 month-iversary present to each other. She is just about 8 weeks old, and so tiny, especially compared to her new sister (who we’re calling “Ferret Face,” seeing as, when it was only her, she was basically just “Ferret”). 

We did get two, when we first got Ferret Face, but the other never really grew, got sick not too long after we got her, and didn’t make it. It was so, so sad. We’ve been planning to get another for some time, since they don’t do as well alone, and now that we’ve had a little time to settle in since the wedding, it seemed like the perfect time. 

By the way, they don’t really spend too much time in their cage, but this was about the only way I could get her to be still for a moment. And, I tried for a picture of the two of them together, but it just wasn’t happening :)

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