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Old Stuff: Vintage Paper Lanterns

Be still my heart.

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Remember when I said I’m always on the look out for vintage party supplies? Well, I saw these babies sitting on the shelf of my favorite thrift store yesterday, and could have squealed.

The manager of the store (where they have all, apparently, come to know me by name) said that she was glad I snapped up them, before they got mangled. Happy to spare you from such a fate, awesome 50-year-old paper lanterns.

Wait–how do I know how old they are? Oh, because some one took care to line them inside with newspaper before packing them away. Swoon.

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They were also accompanied by a handful of their smaller, more flowery cousins, who we can only assume are as awesomely-old as their rounder counterparts.

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Side note: Finding these is the perfect example of how wonderful it is to no longer be a “bride-to-be.” As much fun as that stage of life was, I’m sure, had I found something like this 10 months ago, I would now be in a panic, trying to figure out how to rework my “vision” of the day to incorporate them somewhere. Now I get to just find such things and think, “Huh, those’ll be nice to have for a party someday!”

Have a happy weekend!

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  • kassie

    OMGosh SOOOOOoooo you i love them! great for cookout decor right?! LOve, love love it!
    oh and that newspaper inside is just spectacular

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