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Toy Cameras: Pop Cam

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I love playing with “toy” film cameras. In fact, I generally have as many “toys” in my bag as lenses. So, of course, when I came across the Pop Cam – Point & Shoot camera at a thrift store (new! upopened! for .99!) I couldn’t resist. This little camera takes 4 wonderfully horrible images in 4 different hues per frame, like “pop art.” The color on these looks a little funky though–I think the photolab tried to correct it, ha.

The first roll I put through it yielded exactly 2 shots. Fearing that the shutter just wasn’t releasing, I decided to give him one more roll, as a test. I’m glad I did, for there is some serious light-leak double-exposure messy goodness going on here.

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And thanks for all the sweet comments and feedback on my new website. I appreciate it so, so much!

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