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Old Stuff: Slides, Shoes and Film Canisters

I realized that I hadn’t shared any thrifting/antique store finds lately! Most of my treasures were packed up for the move, and, considering we already had plenty to move from one house to another, I haven’t been doing too much shopping. But, now that we are a bit more settled, I’ve had the chance to do some searching and pick up a few little things.

These glass slides were all in a bin, 3/$1. It was a whole set of art-history images that must have been used for a class. They are wonderful!

vintage glass slidesPin It

vintage glass art history slidePin It

Until I found one of these–with the green cap, on the right–at our neighborhood garage sale (for .10, score!), I didn’t even know that Kodak film used to come in metal canisters. Then I happened across the others (3/$2) in an antique mall. Not sure yet what, if anything, I’ll do with them, but they sure are fun.

vintage metal kodak film canistersPin It

Last, but not least, aren’t these darling? Little red 50’s leather flats. And yes, they fit!

vintage red leather shoesPin It

Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!

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  • Erin

    Those art slides are freaking sweet.

  • Jen

    I loved seeing these shoes on you this morning! Fun Fun!

  • Thanks, ladies! Some goodies seem just too fun not to share :)

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