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Advertising: A Practical Wedding

Over the past few months, I’ve put a lot of thought into how I want to advertise my business. Since I haven’t done any advertising up to this point, I had a lot to think through–when is the right time to start? Where should I advertise, and how? It is important to me to make sure I’m only putting my name (and my dollars) in places that share my values and, hopefully, that will help me reach clients with similar idea.

So! In weighing these things, the obvious choice to me of where to do my first-ever advertising was A Practical Wedding–a well written, thoughtful, and totally sane blog about wedding planning, marriage, and life in general.


To be honest, it wasn’t too hard of a decision–I’ve been in love with APW since I came across the site early in my own engagement. I still read it every day, reference it in conversation at least once a week, and, at some point, send the link to just about every couple I work with. Check out their About page for more detailed a rundown of their philosophy.

When I was planning a wedding myself, it was exactly the kind of community that I needed. Now, as a wedding vendor, who wouldn’t want to work with couples with a practical perspective on their wedding and their marriage? And I couldn’t be happier to be listed there among other amazing vendors who share the same philosophy!

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  • Melissa

    Ahh! That’s so exciting! I was reading APW this morning and noticed your ad and then I found your post about it! Welcome to the world of business marketing and advertising!

  • Oh, Melissa, it is so good to hear that it is “noticeable,” at least to some degree! :) I know marketing is your area–I’d love to hear any tips you might have!

  • Hi Brianna! I live in Columbus and just saw your sponsorship announced on APW – congrats! I was married in February, so I don’t need a wedding photog, BUT you should definitely join us for the next APW book club meet-up. We have a small but fantastic group of girls in Central Ohio (and one who drives down from Cleveland!). We’d love to meet you and learn more about your business!

  • Suzanne

    Briana! This is Suzy (Suzanne) from UD! I just saw the post introducing you on APW and went yay!! I have been reading that blog since like late 2008 and heavily depended on it to keep me sane during my wedding planning for last year. Anyway I had a little squee of excitement that anyone else in my real life loves Meg’s point of view (and now all of her staff, too… it’s gotten so huge!).
    I hope the sponsorship brings you lots of business from around the region. Your photos are beautiful!

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