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Country Life

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We just got back from a lovely weekend visiting some of the Mister’s family in Eastern Ohio, and, boy, is it beautiful out in the country. It is everything you would imagine–rolling hills, wildlife all around, and…bugs. Specifically, a bee, who flew up into my sandal and stung me on the bottom of my toe in the middle of his family reunion. I’m sure I made quite  a spectacle of myself, screaming and flailing! Of course, I bee sting is nothin’ special when you live in the country but, to a city girl like me, who hasn’t been stung in years, it was quite the shock!

(A friend pointed out that the whole thing was rather ironic, considering my logo is a bee, and how much I love them–maybe bees and I have a special connection?)

Every time we’re out there, he and I talk about how wonderful it would be to have a few acres so far away from everything, to live in the midst of such a beautiful landscape, and to be surrounded by such peace, calm and quiet. And who knows, maybe someday we will! But, for now, I can’t help but start missing Dayton after a few days away, and I’m always grateful to come back home.

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