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Gettin’ older!

Today marks the beginning of my 23rd year. My 22nd year saw us get married, go on our honeymoon, move into and set up our first home together–then purchase, work like crazy on, move into and set up our new house. It saw me stress about my thesis and start teaching. It saw me make, and deepen, some of the most incredibly valuable friendships.

And (most relevant to this context) it saw me make the decision to ardently pursue photography. It saw me create an LLC, get insurance, create contracts and pricing lists, and set up a business account. It saw me finally commit to working every days towards what I am passionate about, rather than what I felt I “should” be aspiring to. 

Birthday-cake(We had a little bit 'a cake last night and Skyped my sister who, coincidentally, also has a birthday today. Happy birthday, sis!)

So, this morning, I’m writing this blog post, answering emails, and running to the bank and post office. After a birthday brunch with some of my main ladies (where there may or may not be a mimosa planned…) I’m going to fulfill and deliver some print orders and, until the Mister gets home (with promised birthday surprises!) continue going through the images from this weekend’s wedding. Because, well, it is my job, and you have to go to work, even on your birthday! But also because I’m pursuing my dream, and I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else. 

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  • Jenna

    Congratulations Brinona! So fun to see you growing up ;)
    Don’t forget to go to the BMV to get your license sticker!

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