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The Ohio State Fair

The Mister and I try to make it to the Fair every year. We didn’t last year, so we were determined to this time around! With weddings on the books most Saturdays this summer, the only day we were able to make it was last Sunday, so we skipped church (shh!) and headed up to Columbus.

We looked at the itinerary online beforehand, and there was only one thing on there that we HAD to go see while we were there: a roller derby tournament! I’ve never seen one in person before, and it was totally awesome. I left wanting so badly to join a team–those girls rock!

roller derby at the ohio state fairPin It

old sign at ohio state fairPin It

Sheep showing! From what we could tell, half of it is walking your sheep around, and half of it is a fasion show. Of wool. All wool. Wool dresses, coats, hats and gloves. Did I metion it was like 97 degrees all day? They had to be so hot!

ohio state fair sheep showingPin It

Of course, one of the best parts is all the animals! So many animals!

geesePin It

chickens at the ohio state fairPin It

From the petting zoo. Pygmy goats and a pretty exhausted looking cow :)

cow at a petting zooPin It

And, last but not least, the rides! I’m kind of a wimp, I don’t do any of the spinny ones–but we always ride the ferris wheel, and the sky glider thing that takes you all the way across the fairgrounds.

ferris wheel at ohio state fairPin It

Life gets pretty crazy busy sometimes, but we try to make an effort to do fun little excursions together as often as we can!

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