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Busyness, Colds and Iced Clowns

icing clown(sad, falling-apart clown photo taken with Instagram on my Iphone)

Now, I like to keep things pretty upbeat around here, but the past couple weeks have been kind of rough. Take an already busy work and shooting schedule and combine that with a killer headcold that decided to attack me late last week, and I’ve been a big ball of fun. So when, last week, I was supposed to start a four-week cake decorating class–one evening a week an hour away from home–I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I’d purchased a Groupon for the class months ago, not knowing that life would be so hectic when the class actually rolled around. I didn’t know whether I could muster the energy, whether it would be wise to spend so much time on something rather frivilous when I was already stretched so thin, and, honestly, whether or not I even cared about cake decorating!

In the end, I went, and I’m so glad I did. There is something almost theraputic about spending an hour piping hundreds of little stars. As my rather sad-looking clown can attest, I’ll probably never be an expert cake decorator. Hopefully by the end, I’ll have something more substantial to show for my efforts! Either way, and even though life is busy, I’m enjoying pushing myself, learning, and trying something new.

Happy Monday!

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