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One Whole Year

So, exactly one year ago yesterday, this happened…

Briana-&-Zack305Pin It(our wedding photography by the ever-awesome Jon Morton)

…and what an absolutely wonderful, amazing year it has been. We’ve accomplished things that I never would have imagined we would after only a year of marriage. We’re defining what our family, and our lives, will look like. And, more than anything, I’ve been incredibly blessed to be married to such a wonderful man who takes care of me, no matter how busy my schedule, and who loves me, even when I might be acting a little nutty. Here’s to (at least) 49 more, babe–according to grandpa, we’ve got to make it that far, because “that’s the only other time you’ll get a anniversary card.”

And, it has now been a year, and I’ve never really shared much from our wedding. It was such a joyful and personal day that I’ve been unsure of the right way to talk about it. But, since a decent chunk of the people reading this blog are planning their own weddings, and because we took care of almost every detail ourselves, I thought it might be nice to, at the very least, pass along a bit of what I learned through the process. So, starting in the next couple week’s, I’ll be posting a series of “Snapshots from Our Wedding.” I’ll share some photos, talk about how and why we made the decisions that we did, and maybe even post some how-to’s on the different DIY elements we incorporated into our day.

Are there particular parts of the day or details you’d be interested in hearing about? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Monday, all–and happy anniversary, babe!

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