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Dayton Baby Photographer: Baby J

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 Just one image of this stunning little lady, who I photographed before Christmas (but couldn’t share, as the photos were a surprise for her grandparents!).

Because of what her parents planned to do with the photos, they needed to have consistent backgrounds and lighting. Now, after working at a mall portrait studio, I got pretty burnt out on the flat-light, “traditional” looking portraits those places are famous for, and I’ve strived for a very different style since. It isn’t that I don’t know how to use lighting, just that I usually achieve the look I desire by photographing outside and using primarily natural, or ambient, light.  In any case, doing a session entirely on a white background with studio lights (in this family’s living room!) was a little out of what has become the norm for me. I always enjoy a chance to push myself, though, and I was (and am!) thrilled to reincorporate those things I learned in the studio into my photography as my style has changed and developed  since.

Speaking of changing and developing, I’ve spent some time really thinking and planning at the start of this New Year, and I’m so excited to see what 2012 will hold. Did you made any resolutions, plans or goals?

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