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Yesterday my friend Bley invited me over to play with Inkodye–photosensitive dye that you can use on just about any surface. It is remarkably easy to use–just paint it on, put whatever you’d like over the ink, and set it in the sun for the light to expose your image. Bley used some flowers to create an organic design (on the left), while I (erm, rather sloppily) taped off a more graphic one. I can’t wait to get some and play with it some more, especially to create some more “photographic” images using negatives. What a great way to explain the basic concept of exposure–I’m seeing a photography class lesson here, for sure! And be sure to check out the company’s Pinterest to see some really cool examples of the final products that people have created.

Photos via Instagram, where you can find me @brianasnyder.

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