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black eyes, a broken arm & thank-yous

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On Saturday, on the way to Taylor & Stephen’s wedding–that I had been so, especially looking forward to–I was involved in a serious car accident. Something like this happening, on the morning of a wedding was, quite literally, my worst nightmare. But my dear, dear Zack couldn’t have been more perfect–he called on a couple dear photographer friends to photograph the wedding, and got them all the information and equipment they needed even before I had even made it to the ER.

A broken arm (that needed surgery), two banged-up knees, and a pretty hefty concussion but, otherwise, I’m so grateful to be doing alright (and feeling better every day). I couldn’t be more thankful for all the flowers, notes & cards, the thoughts, calls and visits, and, most especially, for my clients who’ve been so patient and understanding. I’m feeling more like myself every day (even faster than I could’ve imagined), and am looking forward to getting back to appointments and sessions in the next couple weeks. And I’m certainly still accessible by email and phone, if you need anything at all!

These things always give pause for thought–hug your loved ones this weekend, won’t you? And thank you, again, and so much, for all your patience & prayers.

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