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dayton wedding: julia & paul

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Julia & Paul’s wedding was just fantastic–so very Dayton, with an international flair (both Julia & Paul adore traveling, and met each other because of their adventures abroad). And so intentional! I love that they chose to host their reception at a local nonprofit, to make sure their wedding could benefit the Dayton community. That nonprofit just happened to be the Kroc Center, too, which we love. (Hey, Daytonians–the gym there is $60/YEAR! It is amazing!).

Julia & Paul, I was so honored to be a small part of your day. Congratulations, and best wishes for all of your adventures ahead!

Ceremony Venue: Corpus Christi Church; Reception Venue: Dayton Kroc Center; Flowers: Hollon Flowers;

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  • Michele Delph

    These pictures are amazing! What a beautiful wedding and the happiness on everyone’s faces makes me so sorry we missed this special event. May the joy last forever.ReplyCancel

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