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dayton wedding: morgan & brian

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Every meeting or interaction I’ve been lucky enough to have with Morgan has started with a great big hug. She is the kind of gal who just exudes joy, someone who is full of both laughter and a love for people that just can’t possibly stay inside–so I knew her and Brian’s wedding would be so special, and an absolute blessing to be a part of. And it was! Every little detail of their day (and there were so many gorgeous ones, as you can see!) was imbued with thoughtfulness, blessing and care.

Morgan & Brian’s was the second-to-last wedding at the University of Dayton’s chapel before it closed for renovations. And, if you happen to remember their Flyer-love filled engagement photos, it couldn’t have been a more perfect setting. Then, at their reception, their Flyer family surrounded them with so, so much love (quite literally!). Special thanks to Amanda Estep, second photographer for their day, and my assistant (and former photography student) Johanna, who actually captured a couple of the shots above, too.

Ceremony Venue: University of Dayton’s Immaculate Conception Chapel; Reception Venue: Ohio Barn Bed & Breakfast; Flowers: The Flowerman; DJ: Doug Haney, Absolute DJs; Catering: Cardinal Catering; Makeup: Emily Brun; Hair: Jen James; Cake: Junebug Cupcakes

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