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newport engagement: britt & nick

Britt & Nick-104_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-114_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-125_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-121_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-126_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-132_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-138_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-143_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-144_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-146_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-151_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-163_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-164_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-176_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-192_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-197_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-208_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-209_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-217_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-219_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-221_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-228_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-229_WEBPin ItBritt & Nick-245_WEBPin ItNewport on the Levee is a popular place for photos–and for good reason! The Purple People Bridge, the view of the river, lots of interesting architecture and color. But for Britt and Nick, it is more than a backdrop. They live in Newport, and that bridge where they are posing with their Red’s gear? That is the bridge they walk across to go to games. The nearby beautiful little trail and creek? Where they regularly walk their sweet puppies. Photographing couples in locations that are so meaningful to them is always such a treat, but these two especially had us giggling all evening–Nick is an hilarious guy, and you can tell by the way he looks at Britt just how much he adores her. I’ll be so looking forward to photographing their wedding next year at Manor House!

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