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red river gorge wedding: hannah & pat

Hannah & Patrick-101_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-139_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-147_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-162_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-177_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-190_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-214_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-215_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-216_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-229_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-234_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-238_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-259_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-263_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-271_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-285_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-291_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-313_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-325_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-350_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-382_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-383_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-389_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-419_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-434_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-435_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-492_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-496_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-497_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-504_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-506_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-511_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-539_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-543_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-551_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-556_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-559_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-568_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-570_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-577_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-587_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-589_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-595_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-617_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-626_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-637_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-663_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-664_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-687_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-691_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-715_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-710_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-711_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-719_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-724_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-746_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-759_WEBPin ItHannah & Patrick-780_WEBPin ItAh, Hannah and Pat. These two invited us into their intimate, hand-spun wedding in Red River Gorge–a place of so much meaning to them as a couple–and it couldn’t have been more of a treat. As an added bonus, I’ve known Hannah (and some of her friends and family) since high school, so the whole weekend felt like a cozy reunion in the woods–with the joy photographing such a sweet couple against such a stunning, sweeping backdrop. Hannah & Pat, Zack and I were so grateful welcoming us along to capture your beautiful day.

Venue: Cliffview Resort Lodge; Florist:Olde House Florist; Cake Artist: Happy Chicks Bakery; Stylist: Kelli Rubin, Bloom Salon; Officiant: Glenn Priest

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