dayton engagement: sharon & ronnie

Sharon & Ronnie-401_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-403_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-408_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-421_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-429_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-431_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-442_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-444_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-458_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-467_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-472_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-478_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-493_WEB Sharon & Ronnie-498_WEB

I have so many lovely sessions and weddings to catch up blogging, after the end-of-season busyness! Like Sharon & Ronnie’s, which makes me miss sunshine and green and it being warm enough to play outside (and it is always such a treat when couples bring their dogs along for their engagement session). These two are just so cute together–I don’t think five minutes went by without Ronnie making Sharon laugh! It will be such an honor to be photograph their wedding next August.

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miami valley golf club wedding: jenna & mike

Jenna & Mike-105_WEB Jenna & Mike-114_WEB Jenna & Mike-119_WEB Jenna & Mike-127_WEB Jenna & Mike-146_WEB Jenna & Mike-179_WEB Jenna & Mike-211_WEB Jenna & Mike-220_WEB Jenna & Mike-310_WEB Jenna & Mike-318_WEB Jenna & Mike-343_WEB Jenna & Mike-396_WEB Jenna & Mike-406_WEB Jenna & Mike-421_WEB Jenna & Mike-456_WEB Jenna & Mike-462_WEB Jenna & Mike-467_WEB Jenna & Mike-497_WEB Jenna & Mike-515_WEB Jenna & Mike-626_WEB Jenna & Mike-631_WEB Jenna & Mike-636_WEB Jenna & Mike-639_WEB Jenna & Mike-663_WEB Jenna & Mike-683_WEB Jenna & Mike-694_WEB Jenna & Mike-700_WEB Jenna & Mike-722_WEB Jenna & Mike-724_WEB Jenna & Mike-730_WEB Jenna & Mike-736_WEB Jenna & Mike-738_WEB Jenna & Mike-757_WEB Jenna & Mike-759_WEB Jenna & Mike-766_WEB Jenna & Mike-793_WEB Jenna & Mike-802_WEB Jenna & Mike-804_WEB Jenna & Mike-809_WEB Jenna & Mike-829_WEB Jenna & Mike-830_WEB Jenna & Mike-840_WEB Jenna & Mike-846_WEB Jenna & Mike-929_WEB Jenna & Mike-930_WEB Jenna & Mike-940_WEB Jenna & Mike-943_WEB Jenna & Mike-949_WEB Jenna & Mike-957_WEB Jenna & Mike-982_WEB Jenna & Mike-1014_WEB Jenna & Mike-1019_WEB Jenna & Mike-1022_WEB Jenna & Mike-1030_WEB Jenna & Mike-1063_WEB Jenna & Mike-1072_WEB Jenna & Mike-1075_WEB Jenna & Mike-1085_WEB Jenna & Mike-1098_WEB Jenna & Mike-922_WEB Jenna and Mike were just an absolute treat to work with. You may remember them from their apple orchard engagement session, and they carried that theme all the way through their wedding–hand-crafted apple details were sprinkled everywhere, just perfect for their fall day. And so much fun! Their bridal party was an absolute riot, and from the toasts to all their guests circling around them as they danced, you could just feel the joy that surrounded these two as they begin their appley-ever-after.

Ceremony Venue: Holy Angels Catholic Church; Reception Venue: Miami Valley Golf Club; Hair Stylist: Salon EXP; Makeup: Kelly Osborne; Florist: Furst Florist; Cake: Cake, Hope and Love; Videographer: Happy Kamper Films (it was fantastic to work these guys–they rock!); DJ: Blackhawk Entertainment; Transportation: Candlelight Coach Limousine;

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dayton engagement: victoria & thomas

Victoria & Thomas-1_WEB Victoria & Thomas-3_WEB Victoria & Thomas-8_WEB Victoria & Thomas-13_WEB Victoria & Thomas-27_WEB Victoria & Thomas-34_WEB Victoria & Thomas-36_WEB Victoria & Thomas-49_WEB Victoria & Thomas-51_WEB Victoria & Thomas-53_WEB Victoria & Thomas-57_WEB Victoria & Thomas-61_WEB Victoria & Thomas-62_WEB Victoria & Thomas-64_WEB Victoria & Thomas-86_WEB Victoria & Thomas-87_WEB Victoria & Thomas-88_WEB Victoria & Thomas-97_WEB Victoria & Thomas-103_WEB Victoria & Thomas-109_WEB Victoria & Thomas-129_WEB Victoria & Thomas-130_WEB Victoria & Thomas-126_WEB

There was so much laughter on this misty, gray-fall evening! Victoria and Thomas’ session was the kind where I mostly stayed quiet, and zoomed in from far away, because they were simply having so much fun–and are so ridiculously cute together–that I hated to remind them that they were having their picture taken. (And, um, lightsaber battle? The coolest.) Can’t wait for their intimate wedding next year at the beautiful Wiedemann Hill Mansion.

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red river gorge wedding: hannah & pat

Hannah & Patrick-101_WEB Hannah & Patrick-139_WEB Hannah & Patrick-147_WEB Hannah & Patrick-162_WEB Hannah & Patrick-177_WEB Hannah & Patrick-190_WEB Hannah & Patrick-214_WEB Hannah & Patrick-215_WEB Hannah & Patrick-216_WEB Hannah & Patrick-229_WEB Hannah & Patrick-234_WEB Hannah & Patrick-238_WEB Hannah & Patrick-259_WEB Hannah & Patrick-263_WEB Hannah & Patrick-271_WEB Hannah & Patrick-285_WEB Hannah & Patrick-291_WEB Hannah & Patrick-313_WEB Hannah & Patrick-325_WEB Hannah & Patrick-350_WEB Hannah & Patrick-382_WEB Hannah & Patrick-383_WEB Hannah & Patrick-389_WEB Hannah & Patrick-419_WEB Hannah & Patrick-434_WEB Hannah & Patrick-435_WEB Hannah & Patrick-492_WEB Hannah & Patrick-496_WEB Hannah & Patrick-497_WEB Hannah & Patrick-504_WEB Hannah & Patrick-506_WEB Hannah & Patrick-511_WEB Hannah & Patrick-539_WEB Hannah & Patrick-543_WEB Hannah & Patrick-551_WEB Hannah & Patrick-556_WEB Hannah & Patrick-559_WEB Hannah & Patrick-568_WEB Hannah & Patrick-570_WEB Hannah & Patrick-577_WEB Hannah & Patrick-587_WEB Hannah & Patrick-589_WEB Hannah & Patrick-595_WEB Hannah & Patrick-617_WEB Hannah & Patrick-626_WEB Hannah & Patrick-637_WEB Hannah & Patrick-663_WEB Hannah & Patrick-664_WEB Hannah & Patrick-687_WEB Hannah & Patrick-691_WEB Hannah & Patrick-715_WEB Hannah & Patrick-710_WEB Hannah & Patrick-711_WEB Hannah & Patrick-719_WEB Hannah & Patrick-724_WEB Hannah & Patrick-746_WEB Hannah & Patrick-759_WEB Hannah & Patrick-780_WEB Ah, Hannah and Pat. These two invited us into their intimate, hand-spun wedding in Red River Gorge–a place of so much meaning to them as a couple–and it couldn’t have been more of a treat. As an added bonus, I’ve known Hannah (and some of her friends and family) since high school, so the whole weekend felt like a cozy reunion in the woods–with the joy photographing such a sweet couple against such a stunning, sweeping backdrop. Hannah & Pat, Zack and I were so grateful welcoming us along to capture your beautiful day.

Venue: Cliffview Resort Lodge; Florist:Olde House Florist; Cake Artist: Happy Chicks Bakery; Stylist: Kelli Rubin, Bloom Salon; Officiant: Glenn Priest

Pendra lee - Beautiful photos and looks like a lovely venue!

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