dayton engagement portraits: kristin & dan

Kristin & Dan-4_WEB Kristin & Dan-7_WEB Kristin & Dan-16_WEB Kristin & Dan-23_WEB Kristin & Dan-24_WEB Kristin & Dan-34_WEB Kristin & Dan-35_WEB Kristin & Dan-40_WEB Kristin & Dan-41_WEB Kristin & Dan-46_WEB Kristin & Dan-52_WEB Kristin & Dan-54_WEB Kristin & Dan-60_WEB Kristin & Dan-63_WEB Kristin & Dan-68_WEB Kristin & Dan-76_WEB Kristin & Dan-80_WEB Kristin & Dan-101_WEB Kristin & Dan-100_WEB Ah, Kristin and Dan–these two! Just some of the sweetest, most people you’ll ever be lucky enough to meet. And, they are actually already hitched! They got married in Dayton, but live out of state, so we snuck these engagement portraits in the week of the wedding. Photos of their beautiful Aullwood Farm wedding will be up soon! Kristin’s hair by Brooke Shoemaker and makeup by Emily Brun.

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ohio barn b&b wedding: brittany & ben

Brittany & Ben-14_WEB Brittany & Ben-3_WEB Brittany & Ben-7_WEB Brittany & Ben-22_WEB Brittany & Ben-35_WEB Brittany & Ben-45_WEB Brittany & Ben-52_WEB Brittany & Ben-55_WEB Brittany & Ben-61_WEB Brittany & Ben-68_WEB Brittany & Ben-75_WEB Brittany & Ben-72_WEB Brittany & Ben-76_WEB Brittany & Ben-102_WEB Brittany & Ben-107_WEB Brittany & Ben-111_WEB Brittany & Ben-119_WEB Brittany & Ben-121_WEB Brittany & Ben-141_WEB Brittany & Ben-172_WEB Brittany & Ben-184_WEB Brittany & Ben-187_WEB Brittany & Ben-190_WEB Brittany & Ben-204_WEB Brittany & Ben-233_WEB Brittany & Ben-260_WEB Brittany & Ben-261_WEB Brittany & Ben-301_WEB Brittany & Ben-303_WEB Brittany & Ben-307_WEB Brittany & Ben-310_WEB Brittany & Ben-311_WEB Brittany & Ben-314_WEB Brittany & Ben-324_WEB Brittany & Ben-329_WEB Brittany & Ben-336_WEB Brittany & Ben-341_WEB Brittany & Ben-352_WEB Brittany & Ben-356_WEB Brittany & Ben-358_WEB Brittany & Ben-359_WEB Brittany & Ben-369_WEB Brittany & Ben-371_WEB Brittany & Ben-377_WEB Brittany & Ben-393_WEB Brittany & Ben-405_WEB Brittany & Ben-409_WEB Brittany & Ben-412_WEB Brittany & Ben-445_WEB Brittany & Ben-450_WEB Brittany & Ben-453_WEB Brittany & Ben-460_WEB Brittany & Ben-457_WEB Brittany & Ben-462_WEB Brittany & Ben-485_WEB Brittany & Ben-505_WEB Brittany & Ben-514_WEB Brittany & Ben-521_WEB Brittany & Ben-523_WEB Brittany & Ben-544_WEB Brittany & Ben-503_WEBBrittany is also a photographer, and there is always a little extra feeling of pressure when someone else who has made this their profession puts their faith in you to capture their day. Her and Ben’s wedding, though, couldn’t have been more photogenic– a perfect, early-fall evening at the Ohio Barn Bed & Breakfast, with a gorgeous couple and the lovliest group of family and friends surrounding them with love.

Venue: Ohio Barn Bed & Breakfast; Catering: Christy’s Catering; Flowers: The Flowerman; Cake: Ele Cake Company; DJ: Good Vibrations

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dayton art institute wedding: aubrey & eric

Aubrey & Eric-4_WEB Aubrey & Eric-18_WEB Aubrey & Eric-25_WEB Aubrey & Eric-33_WEB Aubrey & Eric-37_WEB Aubrey & Eric-44_WEB Aubrey & Eric-56_WEB Aubrey & Eric-67_WEB Aubrey & Eric-71_WEB Aubrey & Eric-73_WEB Aubrey & Eric-79_WEB Aubrey & Eric-97_WEB Aubrey & Eric-102_WEB Aubrey & Eric-127_WEB Aubrey & Eric-133_WEB Aubrey & Eric-150_WEB Aubrey & Eric-156_WEB Aubrey & Eric-158_WEB Aubrey & Eric-162_WEB Aubrey & Eric-168_WEB Aubrey & Eric-175_WEB Aubrey & Eric-181_WEB Aubrey & Eric-190_WEB Aubrey & Eric-214_WEB Aubrey & Eric-225_WEB Aubrey & Eric-263_WEB Aubrey & Eric-271_WEB Aubrey & Eric-275_WEB Aubrey & Eric-280_WEB Aubrey & Eric-285_WEB Aubrey & Eric-286_WEB Aubrey & Eric-303_WEB Aubrey & Eric-315_WEB Aubrey & Eric-349_WEB Aubrey & Eric-412_WEB Aubrey & Eric-421_WEB Aubrey & Eric-429_WEB Aubrey & Eric-437_WEB Aubrey & Eric-447_WEB Aubrey & Eric-450_WEB Aubrey & Eric-455_WEB Aubrey & Eric-458_WEB Aubrey & Eric-462_WEB Aubrey & Eric-465_WEB Aubrey & Eric-480_WEB Aubrey & Eric-484_WEB Aubrey & Eric-485_WEB Aubrey & Eric-487_WEB Aubrey & Eric-494_WEB Aubrey & Eric-498_WEB Aubrey & Eric-501_WEB Aubrey & Eric-507_WEB Aubrey & Eric-522_WEB Aubrey & Eric-552_WEB Aubrey & Eric-556_WEB Aubrey & Eric-567_WEB Aubrey & Eric-569_WEB Aubrey & Eric-583_WEB Aubrey & Eric-585_WEB Aubrey & Eric-591_WEB Aubrey & Eric-601_WEB Aubrey & Eric-606_WEB Aubrey & Eric-678_WEB Aubrey & Eric-679_WEB Aubrey & Eric-696_WEB Aubrey & Eric-700_WEB Aubrey & Eric-712_WEB Aubrey & Eric-720_WEB Aubrey & Eric-722_WEB Aubrey & Eric-725_WEB Aubrey & Eric-741_WEB Aubrey & Eric-744_WEB Aubrey & Eric-747_WEB Aubrey & Eric-764_WEB Aubrey & Eric-778_WEB Aubrey & Eric-788_WEB Aubrey & Eric-790_WEB Aubrey & Eric-799_WEB Aubrey & Eric-810_WEB Aubrey & Eric-813_WEB Aubrey & Eric-803_WEB Aubrey & Eric-829_WEB Aubrey & Eric-852_WEB Aubrey & Eric-856_WEB Aubrey & Eric-860_WEB Aubrey & Eric-880_WEB Aubrey & Eric-886_WEB Everything about Aubrey & Eric’s day was just beautiful, from their ceremony at the ever-gorgeous Dayton Art Institute, their reception at Cedar Springs Pavilion–even the family-friend’s house where the girls got ready looked like it was pulled from a magazine. Aubrey & Eric are fellow UD Flyers (you may remember that we photographed their stunning engagement portraits all around campus), so there was no question that their day would be a joyful celebration. It definitely was, and it was an absolute honor for us to photograph it.

Ceremony venue: Dayton Art Institute; Ceremony Venue: Cedar Springs Pavilion; Florist: Furst Florist; Cake Artist: Nancy Moran; DJ: Party Pleasers; Makeup & Hair: Michael’s Salon & Day Spa; Officiant: Jeff Freeman; Ceremony Musicians: Viva la Strings (my mama’s group!); Limo: Ted Roy

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catalina & daniel

Vargas-43_WEBVargas-1_WEB Vargas-20_WEB Vargas-26_WEB wedding photography wegerzyn garden Vargas-44_WEB Vargas-46_WEB dayton ohio wedding photographer bridal portrait dayton ohio Vargas-61_WEB Vargas-78_WEB wedding photography dayton ohio Vargas-96_WEB Vargas-100_WEB Vargas-105_WEB Vargas-110_WEB dayton ohio family portrait photographer Vargas-132_WEB family photography dayton ohio wegerzyn garden family portrait at wegerzyn gardens Catalina and Daniel were married 10 years ago (in Colombia!), and she was never really happy with her wedding photos, so she contacted me about donning her dress one more time for some anniversary portraits (and, of course, a few of their whole family, too, with their two beautiful children). Catalina came to my studio for full hair and makeup, got a bouquet–she said she felt like a bride all over again.

While I adore photographing couples giddy with brand-new, wedding-day love, there is something so special about capturing a slice of life 10 years past that point. The difference between a love filled with dreams for the future and endless possibility and a love that has been made stronger, been refined, through ups and down and moves and the arrival of children…I say it all the time, but what I do really is such an honor, to be trusted document these precious, fleeting moments. And I would be thrilled to do more sessions like this in the future–drop me a line if you want to schedule a session of your own.

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dayton wedding: candace & adam

Candace & Adam-201_WEBCandace & Adam-124_WEB Candace & Adam-125_WEB Candace & Adam-130_WEB Candace & Adam-145_WEB Candace & Adam-146_WEB Candace & Adam-152_WEB Candace & Adam-161_WEB Candace & Adam-170_WEB Candace & Adam-166_WEB Candace & Adam-174_WEB Candace & Adam-175_WEB Candace & Adam-181_WEB Candace & Adam-185_WEB Candace & Adam-191_WEB Candace & Adam-197_WEB Candace & Adam-202_WEB Candace & Adam-206_WEB Candace & Adam-213_WEB Candace & Adam-226_WEB Candace & Adam-237_WEB Candace & Adam-246_WEB Candace & Adam-248_WEB Candace & Adam-257_WEB Candace & Adam-261_WEB Candace & Adam-258_WEB Candace & Adam-280_WEB Candace & Adam-282_WEB Candace & Adam-290_WEB Candace & Adam-301_WEB Candace & Adam-303_WEB Candace & Adam-308_WEB Candace & Adam-314_WEB Candace & Adam-316_WEB Candace & Adam-331_WEB Candace & Adam-375_WEB Candace & Adam-387_WEB Candace & Adam-388_WEB Candace & Adam-394_WEB Candace & Adam-396_WEB Candace & Adam-397_WEB Candace & Adam-401_WEB Candace & Adam-410_WEB Candace & Adam-427_WEB Candace & Adam-442_WEB Candace & Adam-454_WEB Candace & Adam-503_WEB Candace & Adam-672_WEBCandace & Adam-516_WEB Candace & Adam-517_WEB Candace & Adam-543_WEB Candace & Adam-558_WEB Candace & Adam-569_WEB Candace & Adam-571_WEB Candace & Adam-598_WEB Candace & Adam-605_WEB Candace & Adam-609_WEB Candace & Adam-610_WEB Candace & Adam-616_WEB Candace & Adam-623_WEB Candace & Adam-635_WEB Candace & Adam-683_WEB Candace & Adam-686_WEB Candace & Adam-715_WEB Candace & Adam-719_WEB Candace & Adam-733_WEB Candace & Adam-736_WEB Candace & Adam-754_WEB Candace & Adam-778_WEB Candace & Adam-779_WEB Candace & Adam-786_WEB Candace & Adam-769_WEB Candace & Adam-794_WEB Candace & Adam-791_WEB Candace & Adam-798_WEB Candace & Adam are such a darling couple. They were absolutely as cute as could be together for their engagement photos, and a total joy to work with, so I knew their wedding would be just a sweet. Their whole wedding day, but especially their ceremony, reflected their profound, quiet love, deeply-rooted in their faith. And, though it kept threatening to rain, it held off for most of the day :).  Adam & Candace, I was so honored to be the one to capture your love! And a special thank-you to my dear friend Jessica, of Jessica Ashely Photography, who was our second photographer, and who captured some of the shots above.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Beavercreek Golf Club; Flowers: Jan Baker; Makeup: Eyedo; Cake: Tiers of Joy (designed by the groom himself!); DJ: Tim of Party Pleasers

Rodney Weidenmaier - Best wedding pictures I have ever seen. You did an excellent job.

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