newport engagement: britt & nick

Britt & Nick-104_WEB Britt & Nick-114_WEB Britt & Nick-125_WEB Britt & Nick-121_WEB Britt & Nick-126_WEB Britt & Nick-132_WEB Britt & Nick-138_WEB Britt & Nick-143_WEB Britt & Nick-144_WEB Britt & Nick-146_WEB Britt & Nick-151_WEB Britt & Nick-163_WEB Britt & Nick-164_WEB Britt & Nick-176_WEB Britt & Nick-192_WEB Britt & Nick-197_WEB Britt & Nick-208_WEB Britt & Nick-209_WEB Britt & Nick-217_WEB Britt & Nick-219_WEB Britt & Nick-221_WEB Britt & Nick-228_WEB Britt & Nick-229_WEB Britt & Nick-245_WEB Newport on the Levee is a popular place for photos–and for good reason! The Purple People Bridge, the view of the river, lots of interesting architecture and color. But for Britt and Nick, it is more than a backdrop. They live in Newport, and that bridge where they are posing with their Red’s gear? That is the bridge they walk across to go to games. The nearby beautiful little trail and creek? Where they regularly walk their sweet puppies. Photographing couples in locations that are so meaningful to them is always such a treat, but these two especially had us giggling all evening–Nick is an hilarious guy, and you can tell by the way he looks at Britt just how much he adores her. I’ll be so looking forward to photographing their wedding next year at Manor House!

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dayton wedding: morgan & brian

Morgan & Brian-109_WEB Morgan & Brian-144_WEB Morgan & Brian-168_WEB Morgan & Brian-189_WEB Morgan & Brian-187_WEB Morgan & Brian-201_WEB Morgan & Brian-204_WEB Morgan & Brian-213_WEB Morgan & Brian-218_WEB Morgan & Brian-219_WEB Morgan & Brian-224_WEB Morgan & Brian-256_WEB Morgan & Brian-244_WEB Morgan & Brian-265_WEB Morgan & Brian-280_WEB Morgan & Brian-360_WEBMorgan & Brian-286_WEB Morgan & Brian-296_WEB Morgan & Brian-317_WEB Morgan & Brian-343_WEB Morgan & Brian-346_WEB Morgan & Brian-348_WEB Morgan & Brian-349_WEB Morgan & Brian-375_WEB Morgan & Brian-400_WEB Morgan & Brian-425_WEB Morgan & Brian-451_WEB Morgan & Brian-460_WEB Morgan & Brian-470_WEB Morgan & Brian-476_WEB Morgan & Brian-482_WEB Morgan & Brian-499_WEB Morgan & Brian-447_WEBMorgan & Brian-518_WEB Morgan & Brian-527_WEB Morgan & Brian-529_WEB Morgan & Brian-611_WEB Morgan & Brian-614_WEB Morgan & Brian-619_WEB Morgan & Brian-627_WEB Morgan & Brian-635_WEB Morgan & Brian-639_WEB Morgan & Brian-647_WEB Morgan & Brian-658_WEB Morgan & Brian-668_WEB Morgan & Brian-675_WEB Morgan & Brian-679_WEB Morgan & Brian-682_WEB Morgan & Brian-696_WEB Morgan & Brian-708_WEB Morgan & Brian-711_WEB Morgan & Brian-742_WEB Morgan & Brian-115_WEB Morgan & Brian-117_WEB Morgan & Brian-1093_WEBMorgan & Brian-744_WEB Morgan & Brian-745_WEB Morgan & Brian-746_WEB Morgan & Brian-750_WEB Morgan & Brian-763_WEB Morgan & Brian-768_WEB Morgan & Brian-779_WEB Morgan & Brian-792_WEB Morgan & Brian-803_WEB Morgan & Brian-805_WEB Morgan & Brian-806_WEB Morgan & Brian-860_WEB Morgan & Brian-861_WEB Morgan & Brian-864_WEB Morgan & Brian-866_WEB Morgan & Brian-869_WEB Morgan & Brian-876_WEB Morgan & Brian-881_WEB Morgan & Brian-884_WEB Morgan & Brian-886_WEB Morgan & Brian-908_WEB Morgan & Brian-907_WEB Morgan & Brian-930_WEB Morgan & Brian-942_WEB Morgan & Brian-948_WEB Morgan & Brian-949_WEB Morgan & Brian-953_WEB Morgan & Brian-960_WEB Morgan & Brian-962_WEB Morgan & Brian-963_WEB Morgan & Brian-1007_WEB Morgan & Brian-1002_WEB Morgan & Brian-1031_WEB Morgan & Brian-1034_WEB Morgan & Brian-1045_WEB Morgan & Brian-1048_WEB Morgan & Brian-1063_WEB Morgan & Brian-1072_WEB Morgan & Brian-1074_WEB Morgan & Brian-1078_WEB Morgan & Brian-1121_WEB Morgan & Brian-1125_WEB

Every meeting or interaction I’ve been lucky enough to have with Morgan has started with a great big hug. She is the kind of gal who just exudes joy, someone who is full of both laughter and a love for people that just can’t possibly stay inside–so I knew her and Brian’s wedding would be so special, and an absolute blessing to be a part of. And it was! Every little detail of their day (and there were so many gorgeous ones, as you can see!) was imbued with thoughtfulness, blessing and care.

Morgan & Brian’s was the second-to-last wedding at the University of Dayton’s chapel before it closed for renovations. And, if you happen to remember their Flyer-love filled engagement photos, it couldn’t have been a more perfect setting. Then, at their reception, their Flyer family surrounded them with so, so much love (quite literally!). Special thanks to Amanda Estep, second photographer for their day, and my assistant (and former photography student) Johanna, who actually captured a couple of the shots above, too.

Ceremony Venue: University of Dayton’s Immaculate Conception Chapel; Reception Venue: Ohio Barn Bed & Breakfast; Flowers: The Flowerman; DJ: Doug Haney, Absolute DJs; Catering: Cardinal Catering; Makeup: Emily Brun; Hair: Jen James; Cake: Junebug Cupcakes

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dayton wedding: joe and deepika

Joe & Deepika-476_WEBJoe & Deepika-102_WEB Joe & Deepika-105_WEB Joe & Deepika-110_WEB Joe & Deepika-114_WEB Joe & Deepika-115_WEB Joe & Deepika-117_WEB Joe & Deepika-121_WEB Joe & Deepika-135_WEB Joe & Deepika-141_WEB Joe & Deepika-144_WEB Joe & Deepika-148_WEB Joe & Deepika-150_WEB Joe & Deepika-151_WEB Joe & Deepika-160_WEB Joe & Deepika-169_WEB Joe & Deepika-171_WEB Joe & Deepika-208_WEB Joe & Deepika-220_WEB Joe & Deepika-224_WEB Joe & Deepika-229_WEB Joe & Deepika-249_WEB Joe & Deepika-256_WEB Joe & Deepika-270_WEB Joe & Deepika-273_WEB Joe & Deepika-285_WEB Joe & Deepika-301_WEB Joe & Deepika-326_WEB Joe & Deepika-331_WEB Joe & Deepika-340_WEB Joe & Deepika-429_WEB Joe & Deepika-434_WEB Joe & Deepika-440_WEB Joe & Deepika-446_WEB Joe & Deepika-456_WEB Joe & Deepika-463_WEB Joe & Deepika-466_WEB Joe & Deepika-472_WEB Joe & Deepika-482_WEB Joe & Deepika-483_WEB Joe & Deepika-496_WEB Joe & Deepika-505_WEB Joe & Deepika-506_WEB Joe & Deepika-514_WEB Joe & Deepika-517_WEB Joe & Deepika-543_WEB Joe & Deepika-546_WEB Joe & Deepika-547_WEB Joe & Deepika-548_WEB Joe & Deepika-560_WEB Joe & Deepika-568_WEB Joe & Deepika-572_WEB Joe & Deepika-586_WEB

In Liz & Andrew’s post, I mentioned how unique of an experience it is to be invited into one of the most moving days in the lives of people who you’ve only had a few months’ time to get to know–how humbling it is when people who barely know me at all allow me to witness their emotions and not hold anything back. Joe & Deepika’s wedding was exactly the opposite; not one of strangers, but dear friends.

One of the joys of photographing any wedding is seeing the couples’ whole journey–through a slideshow of baby photos, through the sermon and toasts and well-wishes given by people who have known them for decades. When you’ve shared a glass of wine with about half of the guests that the wedding, though? When you’ve eaten neighborhood meals at the groom’s house, and babysat the ring bearer, and the ceremony is in a little church where you’ve worked and worshiped and made piles of pancakes? That is such a special experience.

Joe and Deepika, we’re so glad you found one another, that your paths crossed all the way around the world and intersected right here in Dayton. Thank you for the honor of photographing your day. Congratulations and so, so much love!

Ceremony Venue: Christ the King Anglican Church; Reception Venue: Dayton Women’s Club; Cake: The Cakery; DJ: Michael Scoggins

Leah Hartlaub - Your photos are beautiful and your comments are heartwarming, Briana. And it was nice to meet you!

P.S. I am Jon Hartlaub’s mom.

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top of the market wedding: liz and andrew

Liz & Andrew-100_WEB Liz & Andrew-105_WEB Liz & Andrew-129_WEB Liz & Andrew-133_WEB superhero groomsmen groomsmen in superhero costumes bridesmaids matching robes Liz & Andrew-198_WEB Liz & Andrew-205_WEB bride praying with bridesmaids Liz & Andrew-310_WEB Liz & Andrew-330_WEB Liz & Andrew-332_WEB Liz & Andrew-358_WEB wedding at centerville community church Liz & Andrew-369_WEB wedding foot washing ceremony Liz & Andrew-401_WEB first kiss dayton ohio wedding Liz & Andrew-417_WEB Liz & Andrew-436_WEB Liz & Andrew-471_WEB Liz & Andrew-509_WEB Liz & Andrew-522_WEB Liz & Andrew-516_WEB Liz & Andrew-527_WEB happy bride laughing dayton ohio Liz & Andrew-549_WEB bride and groom dayton ohio Liz & Andrew-562_WEB Liz & Andrew-572_WEB Liz & Andrew-575_WEB Liz & Andrew-579_WEB Liz & Andrew-589_WEB vintage car wedding driver Liz & Andrew-609_WEB downtown dayton urban wedding photography downtown dayton urban wedding photography Liz & Andrew-622_WEB Liz & Andrew-634_WEB bridesmaids in mismatched champagne dresses wedding photographer in dayton ohio Liz & Andrew-670_WEB Liz & Andrew-675_WEB eucalyptus roses bridal bouquet Liz & Andrew-683_WEB Liz & Andrew-689_WEB Liz & Andrew-713_WEB Liz & Andrew-715_WEB Liz & Andrew-734_WEB first dance top of the market Liz & Andrew-789_WEB Liz & Andrew-794_WEB top of the market dessert table Liz & Andrew-817_WEB Liz & Andrew-860_WEB reception top of the market dayton ohio Liz & Andrew-866_WEB Liz & Andrew-885_WEB Liz & Andrew-901_WEB reception top of the market dayton ohio Liz & Andrew-932_WEB reception top of the market dayton ohio Liz & Andrew-944_WEB Liz & Andrew-951_WEB sparkler exit top of the market dayton ohio sparkler exit top of the market dayton ohio

To be entirely honest, photographing weddings can be such an odd emotional endeavor. You meet people maybe a handful of times before you are retained to follow them around with a camera on one of the most intensely emotional days of their lives. You see them at their rawest: before the hair and makeup is done, while changing clothes; crying with their friends and family (mostly happy tears, but often times a few sad one too, at the memories of those who couldn’t be present); and celebrating intensely. It is why choosing a photographer you feel comfortable with, who you connect to, is so important. And most photographers I know chose this job precisely because they cherish documenting those emotions. We’re a feeling bunch. I’m not saying I necessarily weep my way through every wedding, but the entire job is to be in tune to the various emotion pulsing through the day, and there are definitely moments where you can’t help but be moved by what you’re witnessing.

Liz and Andrew’s (remember their engagement session?) day was chock full of those moments. And the perfect example of a day that was both deeply spiritual and exuberantly, giddily joyful. Liz’s bridesmaids, their parents and the couple surrounded each other with prayer before their wedding, and their ceremony centered around the act of service of washing each others feet. But then, man! Could these guys dance :). (And I think Liz might win best “You are now husband and wife” reaction ever!) Liz and Andrew, thank you so much for giving me the honor of capturing your day. Though you were planning from out of town, and we only met all together once before your wedding, I can’t thank you enough for your faith in me, for letting me in and allowing me to document your love, joy and emotion without holding anything back. (And I have to give a special thank you to the ever-amazing, sweet-as-pie Andrea Dozier, who came along and helped me out, and who captured some of the photographs above.)

Ceremony Venue: Centerville Community Church; Reception Venue: Top of the Market; Flowers: Sue Kelzer; DJ: Doug Haney of Absolute DJs

Andrea - Love it! Especially the superheroes and the dancing at night- you did amazing Briana! Loved working with you & can’t wait to do it again!


dayton wedding: joe and deepika | briana snyder photography - […] Liz & Andrew’s post, I mentioned how unique of an experience it is to be invited into one of the most moving days in […]

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dayton wedding: dianne and john

Dianne & John-303_WEBDianne & John-115_WEB Dianne & John-124_WEB Dianne & John-127_WEB Dianne & John-132_WEB Dianne & John-135_WEB Dianne & John-150_WEB Dianne & John-159_WEB Dianne & John-163_WEB Dianne & John-183_WEB Dianne & John-208_WEB Dianne & John-214_WEB Dianne & John-225_WEB Dianne & John-231_WEB Dianne & John-266_WEB Dianne & John-305_WEB Dianne & John-278_WEB Dianne & John-297_WEB I will always have  a special place in my heart for teeny tiny elopements. Dianne and John were planning a destination wedding, but, with a family member facing serious health concerns, the wedding was moved up. They married at Smith Gardens in Oakwood a few weeks ago, with just their nearest family and a dear friend who served as the officiant. There might have been just a few sprinkles as their said their vows and we took some portraits but then, right as they were about to head to dinner, the sun peeked out and let us create a last few gorgeous, light-filled images. I’m always so honored to be trusted to capture couples on one of their most precious days, but it is always a special privilege to be present at such an intimate event, and I’m so thankful that Dianne and John had me along.

Pendra Lee Snyder - Wonderful, tasteful, elegant photos. Beautiful couple. Bri you captured the day!

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