dayton wedding: jennifer & nathan

Jennifer & Nathan-104_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-107_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-123_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-128_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-139_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-148_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-160_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-162_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-166_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-177_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-180_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-183_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-185_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-196_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-212_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-221_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-275_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-277_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-280_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-285_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-292_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-293_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-295_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-296_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-305_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-320_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-332_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-351_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-372_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-387_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-388_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-391_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-479_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-483_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-485_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-494_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-498_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-507_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-521_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-529_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-540_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-542_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-568_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-575_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-628_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-609_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-638_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-643_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-655_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-675_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-677_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-681_WEB

Though my focus as a photographer is the visuals of the wedding day–how everything looks–when I think of Jen and Nathan’s wedding, I can’t help but think of how the day sounded. Every part of the day was filled with joyful noise: beautiful hymns, weaved throughout the ceremony and all the way to the last song of the night, sung in harmony around the dance floor; dance music, as they danced their (epic!) first dance and their friend (a professional dance instructor) taught steps during cocktail hour; and the giggles, cries and questions of kids as they watched Jen & Nathan make their vows. (Choosing whether or not to involve children in a wedding day, whether as guests or actual participants in the ceremony, can be a complicated decision, but it wasn’t for these two. They wanted their day to be a full picture of the life of family and the church, including all ages.) This was also one of those weddings were I was privileged to call the couple (and many of the guests!) friends before the wedding day, and it made it that much more special to share in their joy. Congratulations again, Jen & Nathan, and thank you so much for having me be the one to capture such a spiritual, beautiful day–it was truly an honor.

Ceremony Venue: Christ the King Anglican Church; Reception Venue: Schuster Center (Mathile Theater); Makeup: Emily Brun; Flowers: The Flower Shoppe; DJ: John Bramhall; Cake: Ele Cake

Russell Clark (grandfather) - Loved the pix. Thanks for sharing them. It was a beautiful wedding, and so meaningful. My prayer is the wonderful start will continue throughout their lives. I believe it will.

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dayton wedding: julia & paul

Julia & Paul-434_WEBJulia & Paul-112_WEB Julia & Paul-126_WEB Julia & Paul-122_WEB Julia & Paul-130_WEB Julia & Paul-140_WEB Julia & Paul-154_WEB Julia & Paul-157_WEB Julia & Paul-166_WEB Julia & Paul-169_WEB Julia & Paul-228_WEB Julia & Paul-255_WEB Julia & Paul-277_WEB Julia & Paul-283_WEB Julia & Paul-352_WEB Julia & Paul-368_WEB Julia & Paul-384_WEB Julia & Paul-388_WEB Julia & Paul-395_WEB Julia & Paul-407_WEB Julia & Paul-410_WEB Julia & Paul-417_WEB Julia & Paul-419_WEB Julia & Paul-431_WEB Julia & Paul-433_WEB Julia & Paul-442_WEB Julia & Paul-449_WEB Julia & Paul-452_WEB Julia & Paul-482_WEB Julia & Paul-488_WEB Julia & Paul-490_WEB Julia & Paul-495_WEB Julia & Paul-501_WEB Julia & Paul-515_WEB Julia & Paul-523_WEB Julia & Paul-548_WEB Julia & Paul-564_WEB Julia & Paul-594_WEB Julia & Paul-595_WEB Julia & Paul-599_WEB Julia & Paul-604_WEB Julia & Paul-617_WEB Julia & Paul-657_WEB Julia & Paul-660_WEB Julia & Paul-671_WEB Julia & Paul-675_WEB Julia & Paul-676_WEB Julia & Paul-679_WEB Julia & Paul-689_WEB Julia & Paul-738_WEB Julia & Paul-744_WEB Julia & Paul-745_WEB

Julia & Paul’s wedding was just fantastic–so very Dayton, with an international flair (both Julia & Paul adore traveling, and met each other because of their adventures abroad). And so intentional! I love that they chose to host their reception at a local nonprofit, to make sure their wedding could benefit the Dayton community. That nonprofit just happened to be the Kroc Center, too, which we love. (Hey, Daytonians–the gym there is $60/YEAR! It is amazing!).

Julia & Paul, I was so honored to be a small part of your day. Congratulations, and best wishes for all of your adventures ahead!

Ceremony Venue: Corpus Christi Church; Reception Venue: Dayton Kroc Center; Flowers: Hollon Flowers;

Michele Delph - These pictures are amazing! What a beautiful wedding and the happiness on everyone’s faces makes me so sorry we missed this special event. May the joy last forever.

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schuster center wedding: anna & jeff

Anna & Jeff-924_WEBAnna & Jeff-101_WEB Anna & Jeff-133_WEB Anna & Jeff-128_WEB Anna & Jeff-122_WEB Anna & Jeff-132_WEB Anna & Jeff-136_WEB Anna & Jeff-145_WEB Anna & Jeff-148_WEB Anna & Jeff-151_WEB Anna & Jeff-164_WEB Anna & Jeff-166_WEB Anna & Jeff-168_WEB Anna & Jeff-175_WEB Anna & Jeff-176_WEB Anna & Jeff-178_WEB Anna & Jeff-228_WEB Anna & Jeff-193_WEB Anna & Jeff-195_WEB Anna & Jeff-198_WEB Anna & Jeff-211_WEB Anna & Jeff-214_WEB Anna & Jeff-226_WEB Anna & Jeff-229_WEB Anna & Jeff-230_WEB Anna & Jeff-244_WEB Anna & Jeff-257_WEB Anna & Jeff-276_WEB Anna & Jeff-288_WEB Anna & Jeff-296_WEB Anna & Jeff-297_WEB Anna & Jeff-320_WEB Anna & Jeff-327_WEB Anna & Jeff-330_WEB Anna & Jeff-350_WEB Anna & Jeff-354_WEB Anna & Jeff-356_WEB Anna & Jeff-417_WEB Anna & Jeff-425_WEB Anna & Jeff-429_WEB Anna & Jeff-442_WEB Anna & Jeff-455_WEB Anna & Jeff-475_WEB Anna & Jeff-479_WEB Anna & Jeff-484_WEB Anna & Jeff-492_WEB Anna & Jeff-493_WEB Anna & Jeff-497_WEB Anna & Jeff-501_WEB Anna & Jeff-502_WEB Anna & Jeff-511_WEB Anna & Jeff-518_WEB Anna & Jeff-514_WEB Anna & Jeff-530_WEB Anna & Jeff-536_WEB Anna & Jeff-539_WEB Anna & Jeff-546_WEB Anna & Jeff-561_WEB Anna & Jeff-568_WEB Anna & Jeff-571_WEB Anna & Jeff-574_WEB Anna & Jeff-578_WEB Anna & Jeff-583_WEB Anna & Jeff-594_WEB Anna & Jeff-599_WEB Anna & Jeff-600_WEB Anna & Jeff-606_WEB Anna & Jeff-629_WEB Anna & Jeff-633_WEB Anna & Jeff-645_WEB Anna & Jeff-649_WEB Anna & Jeff-652_WEB Anna & Jeff-678_WEB Anna & Jeff-686_WEB Anna & Jeff-712_WEB Anna & Jeff-722_WEB Anna & Jeff-739_WEB Anna & Jeff-786_WEB Anna & Jeff-743_WEB Anna & Jeff-817_WEB Anna & Jeff-819_WEB Anna & Jeff-821_WEB Anna & Jeff-833_WEB Anna & Jeff-836_WEB Anna & Jeff-839_WEB Anna & Jeff-854_WEB Anna & Jeff-865_WEB Anna & Jeff-889_WEB Anna & Jeff-905_WEB Anna & Jeff-918_WEB Anna & Jeff-910_WEB Anna & Jeff-939_WEB Anna & Jeff-927_WEB

I know I say it all the time, but I don’t know how I get so lucky that these wonderful, perfectly sweet people come to find me and trust me with the memories of one of their most precious days. Anna & Jeff are certainly no exception, my kind of couple and wedding through and through: theirs was a day that was steeped fully in tradition, beauty and faith; you simply couldn’t not feel the love and joy of all their friends and family bursting through–and so much Dayton love! Anna’s wore her grandmother’s bracelet, that she was wearing when she escaped the 1913 flood, and their venues–St. Mary’s and the Schuster Center–are such Dayton institutions. And, yes, they both wore blue suede shoes :).

Ceremony Venue: St. Mary’s Church; Reception Venue: Schuster Center; Hair: Amy Robinson; Makeup: Emily Brun; Flowers: The Flower Man; DJ: Dan Edwards; Cake: Libby Balsamo

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dayton engagement: jessica & brett

Jessica & Brett-107_WEBJessica & Brett-105_WEB Jessica & Brett-116_WEB Jessica & Brett-109_WEB Jessica & Brett-127_WEB Jessica & Brett-132_WEB Jessica & Brett-129_WEB Jessica & Brett-142_WEB Jessica & Brett-137_WEB

At a recent bridal show, Suzy and I came up with the idea of a “selfie-booth”–we had visitors snap selfies in front of a chalk-on-kraft-paper backdrop (which you can see how she made, here!), and we asked them to tag us on Instagram & Facebook. Then, one lucky tagger would win a chalkboard from Suzy with their wedding information and a mini engagement session, so that they could use the images for save-the-dates, a wedding website, etc. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, Jessica and Brett were our winners! And, how lucky, she’d actually been a bridesmaid in Libby’s wedding that I photographed last fall. Aren’t they cute together? And I (and they!) were just totally thrilled with how Suzy’s chalkboard turned out. Seriously, hire her for your wedding (or event, or business…)–she is incredible!

Plee - Such a lovely idea and beautiful couple!

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dayton engagement: nathan & jennifer

Jennifer & Nathan-130_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-117_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-102_WEBJennifer & Nathan-103_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-121_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-108_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-115_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-150_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-143_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-145_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-163_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-162_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-166_WEB Jennifer & Nathan-181_WEB kettering ohio engagement photography Jennifer & Nathan-173_WEB casual engagement pictures natural engagement and wedding photography informal engagement portraits natural casual engagement photography outdoorsy engagement photography in dayton ohio wedding photographer in dayton ohio dayton ohio engagement photography We’ve had the joy of knowing Nathan for a little while now, and we’re so thrilled that he and Jennifer have found each other. You know when you’re around a couple, and it is just so obvious that they go together? That is these two exactly. I’m so excited to photograph their wedding this spring at the Schuster Center–I’m sure it is going to be just the sweetest day.

Pendra lee - Beautiful photographic captures of a lovely couple!

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